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    Horizon's products and service offerings cut across key industry verticals. We have the capability to customize our product and service offerings to suit the specific needs of customers and provide an integrated solution for diverse and geographically split processes.


    In today’s competitive markets, customer service is a key differentiator for many successful brands.

    Companies that see customer contact as an opportunity to gather insight, manage retention and/or identify up selling potential – rather than purely as a cost impacting their bottom line – are often among the most profitable within their sector.
    Your customers are as important to Horizon as they are to you. We will work with you to understand your brand values and ensure that our teams are fully engaged with your business objectives, so they can truly be ‘your voice’ on every customer call.
    It is not just about customer service. Our service delivery teams have proven success in delivering above average conversion rates on sales enquiries.
    Supporting live and automated customer interactions across the full customer lifecycle - from sales and customer service to technical support - we can provide a tailored solution whatever your requirements.
    Our partnership approach ensures that we work closely with you to optimise your customer contact strategies to deliver customer satisfaction, competitive advantage and greater revenue and profit margins.
    Whatever your strategy for growing your business – finding new markets, increasing market share or cross-selling your products and services – Horizon can help you win new customers with targeted outbound sales campaigns.
    We can provide you with tailored outbound solutions covering the full spectrum of business development services. From targeted customer acquisition campaigns, to ‘warm- calling’ cross- sell and up- sell opportunities and proactive retention and winback promotions. We never forget that we are the voice of your brand.
    Extensive Quality Assurance procedures ensure that all calls made on your behalf by our sales advisors reflect the highest standards and industry best practice. Therefore, you can be confident that we are delivering you new and profitable business that provides the foundation for building long-lasting relationships with your customers.
    We aim to offer:
    • Understanding of our client's business needs and investing in bespoke solutions to improve them.
    • Creating valuable and long-term working relationships
    • Ensuring transparency in operations with the clients via constant, timely and accurate communications.
    • Our key objectives for the Horizon Contact Centers clients are:
    • Creating an environment that enables our clients to focus on resources that grow their business and strengthen their customer relationships.
    • Ensuring high customer satisfaction thereby improving customer retention.
    • Reducing service costs by optimizing on our business processes to support the clients


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