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The facilities, power design, network layout all converge to provide an environment that is secure, reliable and productive for our clients and staff.


Housed in a modern building in a secure business park, Horizon’s facilities are uniquely designed to provide a conducive and spacious work environment. Overlooking the only National Park in a City in the world; Nairobi National Park, our staff can have a relaxing view of the vast wild across from their chill out zones.
Located next to Mombasa road, a drive to Jomo Kenyatta Airport is only 7 minutes away with the city center being 7km away. There are a number of good hotels within a 2-8km distance giving our partners and clients excellent choice and convenience for their business travel with easy and fast accessibility to Horizon.
The facilities are in a secured compound with a perimeter fence, round the clock security, reliable power supply, sufficient water supply, good road infrastructure. For a sneak preview of our facilities please click Here
Physical and Environmental Security
  • Horizon Contact Centers is located in a secure ultra modern business park with restricted access.
  • Our physical Security Team provides employees and visitors identification and access limitations to the building to enhance its facility security.
  • Horizon has an integrated access control system to monitor the Horizon facility 24X7X365 days a year.
  • Secure areas for its operations and critical equipment
  • Equipment Security is enhanced through the equipment location and protection.
Power Infrastructure
Our Power Management framework offers full redundancy to ensure optimal uptimes.
  • It includes two redundant 250 KVA Power generators.
  • Our modular UPS System provides protection for all systems and power backup in case of a complete failure of the primary and back-up capacity at full load.
Connectivity & Telecommunications
Horizon has a network of Leased & Managed Circuits between Kenya, US and UK.
  • Physical and logically redundant fiber links to ensure very high up-times.Tier one multiple international telecommunications providers
  • Level 3 international facilities in US and UK with high availability.
  • Managed telecommunications services ensure high quality of links.
  • Voice Quality and security guarantees over private networks
Data and Network Security
Data and network security is paramount for Horizon. We have implemented the following measures to save guard us from external and internal threats:
  • Secure profiles on the agent desktops which restrict application usage based on profiles
  • Stringent password policies
  • DMZs and internal firewalls between other customers
  • Internet filtering and web security
  • Change log: Alerts are sent hourly for all network changes
  • External firewalls with syslog servers that check for security events
Additionally, all file transfers are implemented using SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol).
Horizon core network is based on Cisco, with:
  • Cisco PIX firewalls
  • Cisco Core Network Infrastructure
  • VMware Infrastructure to provide virtual redundancy
  • MS Active directory for agent profile management
  • McAfee antivirus
  • Client specific password expiration policy
  • Internet access management system
  • Strict vendor remote access policies (VPN, Avaya SAC/SSG server)
  • VPN set-ups to restrict subnet access to client systems



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